An American Haiku Volume 1: Mystery, Mayhem, & Magic

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The second Tale in the novella series An American Haiku VOLUME 1: Mystery, Mayhem & Magic!

The Mystery of it all begins again….  The Mayhem, & Magic was always simply a given. The Knocking you hear…? It’s me at the door in the back of your mind.  I’m here to alert you to something interesting, something very important, which has Finely caught Our unconscious attention.

   …Something Vaguely Familiar Perhaps…?

Don’t hesitate… You can lose an opportunity just as quickly as you captured it! …if you ask me, you came this far, so why stop now… To ponder further is only to chance the Risk that opportunity will drift away AGAIN

Yes, you have been here before, in that exact spot in fact… and you know Me much better than you believe! You look good for a person in complete denial… Time to wake from the dream and finish what We started

You must be brave from this point Forward… We can do this together… On the count of “Three,” We will re-unite our Souls and open the doorway that flows right out the back of your mind and into the nether, the long road home and to so many of the Answers and Riddles we have long since desired satisfied; even Life and Death and the Great Beyond will be unmasked upon this inter-stellar journey of ours! 

You have come this far… and We have come so close… a rare feat… we cannot stop now…

Come… A promise is a promise… and We are extremely Maniacal about such matters… This I can attest to as God as Our Witness!

You know, you and IWe have so much in common! In fact, people rarely can tell the difference between Us… where you end, and I begin! Crazy… and Poetic… Absolutely Affirming!

Our Romance is an ancient One and Time has never been an ally!