High Risk Parody Publication & News

An American Haiku Volume 1: Mystery, Mayhem, & Magic

A Crowded Room: Simon Says

The Anthology is here The first book in the series “A Crowded Room: Simon Says,” begins your journey into the labyrinth of the unknown. There is more than one Mystery afoot, but you can’t uncover the truth until you recover your memory; and likewise retrace your steps. Don’t worry confusion is a sign of something very important… it means your on the right path!

Dinner With JTR: A Curious Invitation

The second story in the Anthology is now an open door… Do not expect to find a continuation from the last story, as important as time is, its not shared in any order of importance.  In fact the Story “Dinner With JTR: A Curious Invitation,” happens well before the introduction story above; but that is part of the grander mystery!

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