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Meet The Band Of All Bands:

Together They Changed the World of music!


Kurt Cobain: Singer, Song Writer, & Guitarist

Curt Cobain: AKA The Grandfather of Grunge – Alternative Rock.  The story was a brief one but the man was seeking solace from a traumatic inability to resolve the deep concern for his parents divorce. His childhood was a collage of happy child mixed with confused adolescence, and few friends in a community that had boomed decades before and now was a ghost town.  The children here grew up with little idea of what lay beyond the borders of their dying home town and the future was thus a bleak one if college wasn’t an option, or desire.  One was left only to envision living in this town and accepting its poverty and isolation.  There were no hometown careers that were financially rewarding. Curt found music at an early age was given a guitar by a friendly community member who preached christianity to him.  It is believed that Kurt later rejected Christianity but not the Guitar.  The gentlemen who gifted Kurt said that he showed no real grasp for the instrument and that his ability was a hinderance, but with nothing else gleaming over the horizon, Kurt clearly put his heart into the instrument and found the music of punk rock and many other artists, as such he suddenly put his heart into the journey towards defining a generation he didn’t even know existed.


  • Kurt never lived underneath that bridge!
  • The band played and toured and even released a cover of another bands song “Love Buzz,” they had to pay to have 200  CD’s printed and the single was not a break even endeavor, their performances and Kurt’s strengthening vocal control along with a maturing approach to song writing and melodic vocals backed by striking guitar riffs, as well as the simplistic and melodic playing of Kris Novoselic–childhood friend, who was becoming a confident Bassist, while there drummer was a local friend who would eventually be replaced, though a few of Nirvana’s more memorable drum beats, were in fact his creation, it was only hinting at the music that was coming.
  • Fact, Nirvana dropped their drummer and picked up Dave Grohl, they then chose a new band name settling on “Nirvana.”  They then began touring heavily and would drive to Seattle to play and perform within the burgeoning scene there that was about to explode at the seams.  And the truth at the time, most people who had a good idea of the scenes dominate acts didn’t even have Nirvana on their lists..  It was evident that a few of those bands were going to emerge and break into the mainstream; but no one would have ever guessed Nirvana.
  • Kurt Cobain committed suicide with one single blast to the head from a shotgun he purchased (Courtney Love didn’t pull the trigger, she may have pushed Kurt to his breaking point when he was crumbling under his addiction, but she was never trying to intentionally kill him.).  The police stated he had taken heroine grabbed a few soft drinks and his newly bought shotgun and headed off to the end of his life. The man and the Band that had redefined music and made signing alternative style punk bands especially from Seattle the next big thing!  One can only imagine what he may have gone on to do.  Kurt had cut his career short by suicide due to drug abuse and dependency; and a few days after being given an ultimatum by his family and wife, Kurt tried to convince himself he could kick the habit, but on his first day in Rehab. he jumped over a back wall escaping from an unlocked facility (technically not an escape if the doors are open). He then jumped on a plane back home.  Ironically he sat next to the bassist for Gun’s & Roses, Kurt’s MTV nemesis at the point they exploded onto the airwaves.  But both men were cordial and both were dealing with serious drug habits, so they shared some drinks together and whatever else, and then Kurt said goodnight.
  • When Nevermind released its first single “Lithium,” it did little to spark interest in the music or the band. However, many people around the band knew the album itself was something special; It was the theme Song for Generation X that would hurtle Kurt and his shy yet convincingly angst ridden soul, along with his three piece band screaming through the T.V.’s across America on MTV as the video for “Teen Spirit” was a catalyst for the disillusioned youth of America! They saw themselves and heard their anthem.  The song title was a joke by an x-girl friend about “smelling like teen spirit” the deodorant, but Kurt heard something different… The rest is History!

B.B. King: Singer, Song Writer, Lead Guitarist

B.B King, The Late Great Guitarist that paved the way for Guitar rock by melding The Blues and the Stage Performance that would later become the standard for Guitar Folk Hero Rock!

B.B. KinG